11 Feb

Be A Successful Business Woman In A Man’s Business World

Since the beginning of time women have been known for their tremendous nurturing skills. For centuries we have cared for our young, sculpting them into amazing adults that have reached their full potential. It is time for business women like you to take this ingrained skill, focus it towards your personal business endeavors, and nurture your business into its ultimate potential growth.

For a long time women have hidden their natural talents to become more successful in a ‘man’s world’ of business success. The reality is, to be successful as a female entrepreneur we need to shine a spotlight on our uniquely diverse skills and change the spectrum of successful businesses as a whole. Our differences from the typical man’s world business success is not our weakness, but our strength that we must fully embrace in order to become successful in our own personal businesses.

Women have unique tastes, likes and dislikes, ideas, solutions, creative insights that are so diverse to those of men. In each of us, we have an over-filling reservoir of world changing potential that is so fresh and new, simply because it has never been fully expressed in today’s business world. So let’s open up, dive in, and explore how to not only make it in a man’s world as a woman, but how to make a woman’s world among the ranks of men.

It is not that we are group of sexist, man hating, spiteful women. We love men, in fact, because they provide a unique approach to the world in which we don’t possess. This is the EXACT reason you need to stick to your female intuitions in the business world in order to be successful because within you lies a unique approach to a budding career that has not been seen yet.

Basically, you need to find your career niche. In order to best illuminate your uniqueness in the business world, you must discover your personal career ideals. What is it that you both love to do, are good at doing, and there is a potential market in? Look within yourself and reflect on your key strengths that will become a unique asset to your business endeavours. It is essential to not only define your brand within the business world but to define yourself as a brand by becoming recognized for the diverse set of traits only you personally can add to your business niche.

Along with identifying, embracing, and illuminated your unique talents both as a women and as an individual it is also important to always welcome personal growth as this will positively influence the direction of your business. You must always be open to improvement opportunities. Whether this be learning a new skill, practicing a new character trait, or simply implementing new strategies, always striving for personal growth will ensure your business follows suit.

The key to becoming a successful woman entrepreneur is not to change ourselves to fit the world, but to change the world simply by being ourselves.

11 Feb

The 5 Key Characteristics Of Successful Entrepreneurs

Flowing gorgeous looks, never ending legs, large pouting lips….

These are all physical traits that not long ago would hinder you in the business world. The world of successful entrepreneurs is quickly changing, burying the sexism of years past. As a female entrepreneur you can become richly successful in the business world as easily as your male counterpart. It is not the flowing hair, long legs, or sexy lips that have been holding you back from finding true success in your business. Find out if you possess the key characteristics that make a successful entrepreneur.

  • Love what you do

Whether you work for “The Man” or you are “The Man” it is obvious to everyone around if you do not love what you do. As a successful entrepreneur, this is a crucial characteristic. If you are not passionate about your business endeavors how can you ever expect your customer to give two fannies about what you are trying to sell them. You get back what you give, and if you are not in love with your business you will see no return of love, or financial gain

  • Be serious

There is a time for fun and a time to be serious. When it comes to believing in yourself and your businesses potential it is all serious time. Not taking your business seriously will easily lead you into becoming distracted and losing motivation, as well as letting others skepticism take up more property than it needs. You are a business owner, CEO, President, Leader of your own business, take your role seriously and your business will reap the benefits.

  • Plan. Plan. Plan.

Plan. I cannot say it enough, make a plan that involves every aspect of your business. A business plan provides several different benefits including having your business goals written out in an easy to read format with guidelines of how to achieve each, it is a ruler made specifically to measure success in each individual step of your business plan, as well as a map to keep you on route as you travel through the paths of growth. Drafting a business plan allows you a unique opportunity to carefully analyze each aspect of your business under the light of personal scrutiny to ensure you get every detail perfect from start to finish.


This is written BIG. It is BIG for a reason. The biggest thing you can do for a successful business is to make money management a must! I have seen many amazing business ideas crumble simply due to poor money management. You must calculate all expenses and income, ensuring a continuous cash flow.

  • Fearlessly self-promote

Many entrepreneurs are fearful of the negative stigma of self-promoting their own business. But you can be an amazing self-promoter without becoming obnoxious and allow your personal business to become successful. It is not about “Hey everyone look at me”, it is simple proclaiming to the world of what YOU can do for THEM. You are offering a unique opportunity within the goods or services you sell that will benefit the world. You just have to let them know!

11 Feb

How To Succeed As A Woman Entrepreneur

Business ownership can be intimidating as well as overwhelming especially if you are a new woman entrepreneur. But succeeding in business as a woman can become a reality in your life with the right strategies.

Implementing the right strategies will give your business long term sustainability and growth,  allowing you to achieve success, self-fulfilment, a sense of purpose and joy.

The following are strategies that can bring you success even as a woman entrepreneur:

  1. Set specific goals

Growing your business can be hard when you do not have goals. Have goals that are short-term as well as specific especially if your business is new. The short term goals can be as simple as completing your website within the next three months. Having other long term goals will also help you have some self-imposed deadlines that help you stay on track and give your business a much-needed boost.

Set goals that are achievable because you need to know where you are now, where you want to go and how you can get to your target. Achievable goals can only be reached when you plan correctly.

  1. Have a vision

The vision you have for the business should be a detailed picture of the future that should include what your business will look like, feel like, act like as well as how it will perform when fully developed.

Some of the items that you should have on your vision statement are: the type of business, the size of company that you want, the markets the business will serve and the competitive advantages that will differentiate your business from that of your competitors.

  1. Surround yourself with people that are likeminded

Associate with other women who have a passion about achieving success in their business and in their life. You can also join a group or network which will offer support as well as elevate your business building skills. By joining the right business associations, you will have people who can provide knowledge and resources.

  1. Improve on your social skills

Be active in social media. Have a website that talks about your business and encourage as well as respond to queries. The internet is now the single most utilized tool that people use to find information. Due to this, everyone uses it so, it is important for your business to be found there. A website makes your business look legitimate and it can be one of the most viable and easiest method for collecting leads.

  1. Have a mindset for growth

Women entrepreneurs should always have a mindset for growth. Having this type of mindset makes you see failure as a way for you to grow as well as embrace challenges, learn from criticism, persevere against setbacks and reach high levels of achievement.

  1. Have proper systems in place

These systems should include how you will deliver your services or products, how you will track any new customers or clients and how you will keep up with your finances.

When documented systems are in place, confusions are minimized. These systems will also help you with free time to spend however you wish and also more personal time for yourself and your family. This way, as a woman entrepreneur you will have more time to enjoy a more balanced life.

  1. Acquire the necessary skills

Since it takes different skills to build a business, make sure you acquire skills like marketing, financial, management and customer relationship so that your business can run smoothly.

Finally, with the right strategies in place you will notice that your business will consistently grow instead of struggling to make ends meet. Remember that even if two businesses are operating in the same marketing area as well as selling the same services or products. They can produce different results depending on the strategies that have been put in place.

11 Feb

How To Start A Business When As A Female Entrepreneur You Have No Money

Lack of money is the one major factor that holds most women back from becoming entrepreneurs. There are many reasons for not having money from banks which are reluctant to lend startups or you have an economic climate that is tough that makes it hard to borrow money from friends and relatives. This therefore means that you have no place to get money.

However the good news is that, you can start a business with no money if you follow some basic rules. Once your business is established and some small income starts coming in, then you can borrow and expand.

The following are tips to help you get started with no money:

  1. Look around at the resources that you have at your fingertips and use them. You can begin your work from home, local library or a local cafe for free Wi-Fi. If you have a car you can make use of it to offer a local delivery service or start baking from the comfort of your kitchen and sell the bakery goods.
  1. Do a business that is built around the skills you possess, if you love writing articles you can enrol with paying online writing websites, if you know other languages you could become a translator all from the comfort of your home. Therefore if you have a skill that others do not have and people are willing to pay for, then use it to make money for you.
  1. Have your customers pay you upfront if not the full amount then half the amount so that you can always have your costs covered. This way you will not spend your own money to cover any costs.
  1. Look for organizations that give free advice especially those whose events are targeted towards start-ups, this way you will be able to receive advice for a start-up business rather than a business that is already established whose needs will be different from yours.
  1. Look for any equipment that you can find for free from websites where people give out freely or recycle unwanted items.
  1. Do all the work yourself initially so that you plough back the income into the business. This way you will be able to have enough cash to use in acquiring a premise or new equipment and therefore grow the business.
  1. If you are working, do not leave your job just yet. Start doing your business in your spare time and only quit your day job once your business is able to pay you a wage.
  1. Use free technology to help you promote the business. You can use an online website builder and build a website at no cost, you can also get networking socially because it is free and effective.

Finally, success in business does not come because you have started with a lot of money. It is all about adopting the right attitude, having the determination to put a lot of effort in it, thinking your way around problems and giving it your best shot.